A Safe Place for Discussion

The BiotaNet Forum is meant to be a place of thoughtful and reasoned discussion; a place of mutual help, encouragement, and investigation; a place of invention and deliberation.

Therefore, while disagreement is expected, all conversations will be carried out in a professional, family-friendly way. No swearing, cursing, name calling, racial epithets, baiting or other disrespectful behavior will be tolerated. If you start to get heated, and you want to argue just to prove how right you are, please take a breath. Count to ten, and then count to ten again. No one here is your enemy. Violations of these rules of engagement will get you banned.

Sales and Advertising

If you want to advertise your products on this site, please be aware that we will be establishing a way for you to pay for promotions. For now, please limit your advertising to a link in your signature. Blatant promotion of products without our consent or payment will get your posts deleted and may result in a ban. However, it is legitimate to bring attention to new or related products that might be of interest to the members.

Your Information and What We Do With It.

At this point, your name and info for your registration is preserved. We reserve the right to send out emails or news to our registered members, but you will be able to unsubscribe. We will not sell your info to other parties unless we notify you in advance and get your permission to do so. At this point in time, we have no intention to sell any info in the foreseeable future.